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Picture this. It’s 90+ degrees outside and the sun is beating down. You finished your work early, the kids are out of school, and you’d do just about anything to cool off for a bit. You’ve been meaning to plan a get-together with your friends, but summer is already starting to wind down and all the best venues are booked up. Has this ever been you?

How to Host the Perfect Pool Party

If there’s one thing everyone loves about summer, it’s the chance to swim. But taking advantage of the warm weather in a cool body of water is a lot easier said than done … especially when you don’t have a pool of your own. If you’re ready to make the most of what’s left of summer, it’s time to plan the perfect pool party. Here’s how:

1. First, secure a pool

The most vital of all requirements for a pool party is, of course, a pool. An inground pool is a big commitment, no doubt about that, but breaking ground doesn’t have to be scary. At Malone’s Landscape, we are experienced at helping you turn your dream pool into a reality. Maybe you want a small, round paddling pool to complement your landscape. Maybe you want to get crafty and introduce an L-shaped pool. Or, maybe you want to stick with a standard rectangular design and add a fountain or other water features to it. Will your budget impact the design elements you’ll add? Just let us know.

2. Serve up some tasty snacks

It’s not a party without good food, right? But when it comes to hosting a solid splash bash, the last thing you want is excess water and wet towels getting dragged into your home. When someone needs a drink refresh or a hot dog off the grill, be ready to meet their request with a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. From pizza ovens to grills to fireplaces and plenty of seating, an outdoor gathering space near your pool offers reprieve from sunshine and splashes, while giving you the freedom to keep your indoor space yours.

3. Keep the party going all night

The night doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! After a long day of swimming, keep your guests entertained into the evening by hosting an after-party by the fire.

We’re experts at creating a relaxing environment outside your home to cozy up and unwind in, and it starts with a stylish, functional fire pit. Fire pits not only warm you up after the cool chill that comes from stepping out of the pool, but they add light to your outdoor living space so you can play games and catch up with friends at all hours.

We’ll help you determine the right size, shape and placement for your new fire fixture and blend the look and feel seamlessly with the rest of your outdoor landscaping.

Let’s dive in!

Summer won’t last forever, so take the leap and dive into planning your pool party now! If you’ve been dreaming of an inground pool, an outdoor living space, a great spot to relax by the fire or all of the above, contact us today to make it happen.