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Design/Build Process

Step 1: On Site Meeting

Our process starts by scheduling an on site meeting with one of our Landscape Architects or Designers. There is no charge for this initial meeting and a great time to assess your landscaping needs, walk your property and discuss your priorities, budget and time frame.

Step 1

Design/Build Process

Step 2: Design Agreement

A landscape design is the next step in the process and you will be provided a Design Agreement with the scope of work and fees associated with your landscape design. When you are ready to move forward just sign the agreement and make the deposit and we will take it from here. If you already have a professional design you can skip this step and we can provide a detailed cost proposal from your design.

Step 2

Design/Build Process

Step 3: Site Measurements & Base Map

Our design team will measure your site and create a base map on AutoCAD depicting the existing grades, lot lines, and elements per your initial meeting and discussions. If any permits, additional surveys or engineering work is needed there may be additional charges.

Design/Build Process

Step 4: Conceptual Plan

A conceptual plan is developed based on your individual needs, lifestyle and the scope of work laid out in the Design Agreement. This will start moding the landscape plan and help yo visualize the space. You and your designer will go over the conceptual plan and discuss material options, plant choices and other design details.

Step 4

Design/Build Process

Step 5: Final Plan & Construction Estimate

Once the plan is refined and completed and material choices are finalized a detailed cost estimate for the construction of your project will be provided. Large landscape projects may be completed in phases and our design team will help you decide the best construction approach. Signing the Proposal/Contract and providing the job deposit will put your project on the schedule. During our busiest seasons this can be longer than expected so starting early on the planning process is a good idea.

Step 5

Design/Build Process

Step 6: Project Construction

Our skilled construction team includes a Project Manager and specialized construction crew to install you landscape per the plan and proposal. Your designer will work closely with you and your construction team to ensure the integrity of your design is installed correctly and according to the vision. Upon completion your Designer and Project Manager will walk through your new installation with you to ensure your complete satisfaction. Now it is time to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your new outdoor living space. You deserve it!

Step 6