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Do you have questions about our services, design/build process, or products? This faq page will help provide you with a quick answer to common queries. Whether you're curious about our landscaping techniques, design/build process, or our commercial maintenance services, you'll find that information right here.

If you don't see your question answered or need additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We're here and ready to work with you to achieve your outdoor living space dreams.

Let's embark on this journey together to transform your outdoor spaces into stunning oasis!

Design / Build:

Starting a landscape project can indeed feel overwhelming, but we're here to help! Below are some of our most frequently asked questions that may provide clarity and guidance as you start on your landscaping journey.

If you're ready to schedule a design consultation with us, please fill out our design questionnaire. The design questionnaire will provide our landscape designers with valuable information about your project and preferences.

The short answer, yes. We approach each project individually and start with a design consultation with the client. Once we have an idea of what our client is wanting our landscape designers will get to work and create technical drawings and 3D renderings. During this time we will determine the scope of work and give a detailed plan for executing the work by providing a construction estimate for cost and timeline.

What if you already have professional landscape design plans? We can work with that. All you would need to do is provide us the designs and we can work up an estimate.

Each landscaping project is different and depends on size of yard and design elements involved.

Most large construction projects start around $50,000+
Small projects with paver patio, irrigation system and plants/grass starts around $25,000+

During the design process we will provide you with a contract agreement detailing out hours for scope of work needed to help you determine your overall budget.

Not always. Depending on the scope of work will determine if a permit is needed. At the initial design consultation we will establish what aspects of your landscaping project might require a permit and what are the involved costs.

Malone's Landscape provides a stress free experience and we will handle submitting the application(s) for any permits we might need for your landscaping project. All you will need to do is sit back, relax and start dreaming of what you will do first once your project is complete.

It's hard to say because each project is unique and has its own timeline. Once the size and scope of the project is determined we can then provide a guideline as to the time required to complete. Keep in mind, there are many factors that could affect a project timeline including design decisions or changes, materials, permit requirements, site conditions, and weather to just name a few.

Malone's Landscape take pride in approaching each project with care and making sure each step is done the correctly and efficiently to maximize your budget and ultimately create the outdoor living space you've been dreaming of.

Our construction starting lead times will depend on the time of year and elements within the project. During our peak busy season, spring and summer, we typically have a longer lead time. Keep in mind, as the design and planning phase comes to a close, we will be able to provide you an estimated construction schedule and determine the start date.

Tip: If you want to ensure you can enjoy your newly landscaped outdoor living space for the late spring and summer weather we have in the pacific northwest, then winter is a great time to start working through the design and planning phases.

Take a more detailed look into our design/build process.

Think of hardscaping as the elements in your landscape design that are the non-living elements that get incorporated into a landscape to define a space.

It's a term in the landscaping industry used for patios, masonry, concrete, pavers, stone walkways, retaining walls, fire pits, decks, pergolas, and more!

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to learn more about hardscapes.

A common misconception living in the Pacific Northwest is that you do not need an irrigation system because it rains a lot. In our area we do highly recommend installing an irrigation system for your landscape. In the summer months we tend to dry out and without consistent watering schedule your plants and grass will be in distress and die.

Protecting your landscape investment is important and by installing an irrigation system you can provide efficient and effective water to each area of your yard.

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to learn more about our irrigation services.

Great question and it's one we get asked often! When selecting the right plants for your yard keep in mind the location conditions like soil type, sunlight availability and moisture.

At Malone's Landscape, our landscape designers and horticulture specialists will work with you and recommend the best and ideal plants for your yard based on size, shape, texture, growth habit, and sun exposure.

Yes! We work with the top pool builders in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area to design the best location, layout, and elements including pool equipment, cabanas and outdoor kitchens to create the perfect outdoor entertainment space that fits your lifestyle.

Think of us as the General Contractor. We can manage all aspects of the project efficiently while ensuring quality of work for a beautiful outcome.

Yes! A one year warranty is included with each project we complete for our workmanship and hard materials. We also will help you submit and manage manufacturer warranties on appliances and fixtures we purchased and installed in the event you need it.

We stand behind our work and are always available to you after your landscaping project is complete. If you have a question or concern about previous work completed by Malone's Landscape please contact customer support.

Click here and fill out our design questionnaire by telling us about your vision.

We are excited to work with you on creating the best outdoor living space for you. If you need inspiration or just simply want to take a look at our previous work, click here to view our projects.

Commercial Maintenance:

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions help address some of the common challenges and questions associated with maintaining a beautiful landscape in the Pacific Northwest. If you have more specific inquiries or need assistance with your property, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Malone's Landscape is here to help you achieve and sustain a stunning outdoor environment!

We provide ground maintenance and landscape enhancements for commercial, multifamily and large residential estates. Each property is assigned a dedicated account manager that will provide expert knowledge to manage your current landscape needs and provide solutions to help elevate the visual aspects that help make the property shine.

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to see how Malone's can manage your properties maintenance.

We provide and do services throughout King and Pierce county.

Are you thinking your property might be outside our service area? Reach out to us here. We would love to hear where you are located and discuss what your properties needs are to see if we are able to expand our service area to include you.

Yes, we do! We have fully trained irrigation technicians that can troubleshoot your system and repair any breaks. We provide this services to commercial properties as well as residential.

In addition to servicing your irrigation system, we also offer annual start up and winterizations services to assist in keeping it in top working condition.

Is the property you manage in a city that requires backflow testing? We help with this too! Click here to contact us

Backflow is the unwanted reversal of water into a clean (safe for drinking) water supply. Irrigation systems must have a backflow preventer installed to keep the irrigation water from contaminated your house or property drinking water supply with fertilizers, bacteria, or pesticides.

This may require a permit and should be inspected annually.

Yes. It's recommended that you winterize your irrigation system every year before the first freeze to ensure all lines are clear of water. If you do not winterized then any water left in the lines could cause damage by freezing during the cold winter months.

Yes we do! We have a full-service design/build division that can design, install, and maintain rooftop gardens. Malone's Landscape has experienced and trained specialists to help you with the unique challenges rooftop gardens could bring.

Yes. We work closely with many of the top property management companies in the Pacific Northwest. Our reputation for excellent customer service and building long lasting relationships with our clients is what sets up apart.

Our commercial maintenance division offers a complete full-service landscape management including lawn and bed maintenance, shrub trimming, irrigation monitoring and repairs, cleaning hardscapes, and enhancement services.

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