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‘Tis the season to deck the halls … er, the backyard. Whether you own commercial or residential property, there’s no better time than the present to give your outdoor living space an upgrade. And what better way than with lights?

Outdoor lighting is one of the simplest ways to elevate your outdoor space, so you and your guests can stay outside as long as you like this holiday. With endless lighting options to choose from, we’re taking a look at the season’s best and brightest, and setting our sights on the most popular outdoor lighting trends coming up in 2021.

1. LED Lights

This season, it’s all about LED. LED lights are a great solution, not just because of the quality of light they provide, but because of their customizability. You may choose to decorate your outdoor living space with colorful LED lights that match your aesthetic, or you may choose them to light up walkways or outdoor steps and help ensure safety. In 2021, you’re sure to see different-colored LED lights to define separate outdoor spaces.

2. Smart Technology

Nowadays, it seems like everything we buy is “smart.” From phones to speakers and even pet supplies, smart technology is everywhere in the home—so it’s time to add it to your outdoor living space, too. Integrating smart technology into your landscaping is a great way to upgrade your space and save on stress. Choose color-changing lights that add depth to your entertainment room or pool, or smart lighting that senses when someone is nearby and knows when to turn on and off on its own.

3. Au-natural & Eco-friendly

The biggest perk to spending time outside is being surrounded by nature. That’s why incorporating natural textures and eco-friendly systems into your outdoor space is so important. When it comes to outdoor lights, LEDs can provide the light you want while helping you save energy, since most last nearly 100,000 hours. But if eco-friendly isn’t up your alley, consider adding a statement lighting fixture made of natural elements like rattan, wicker, or straw to your outdoor space, instead. Fibers like these can generally withstand rain and shine, making them great picks for outdoor use.

4. The Statement Piece

Speaking of the statement piece … It’s one of 2021’s biggest incoming trends. When you think of statement pieces, you might think of pieces of furniture, bold decor, or a water fountain. Why not lights? We mentioned earlier that separating spaces by color is going to be big, and lights can help enhance the effect. You can also incorporate unique, artistic lighting fixtures into your design to help your space stand out.

5. Shades of Gray

Gray is one of Pantone’s 2021 colors of the year, and it’s about to be everywhere—especially in outdoor spaces. Gray is a goes-with-everything color, and is perfect for lighting fixtures. Shades of gray used for lighting fixtures, from steel to aluminum, will complement any aesthetic, making it easy for you to change up the rest of your outdoor space without requiring new lighting fixtures each season.

Lighting that lasts

Wherever you add lights, choosing a trusted partner helps make the process easier. At Malone’s, we use FX Luminaire lighting in many of our designs. We love their ZD controllers for zoning, dimming and adding color to outdoor space.

With a design-build partner you can trust and innovative lighting that lasts, it’s easy to pull your outdoor space together, even in the colder months. So get set for the holiday season with lighting that lasts through the winter and will still be trending come Spring.