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The days are getting shorter, and while it may be a little cold when the sun goes down, we still love spending time outside! An evening meal by starlight or a cozy night with a hot cup of tea can be so special.

In the fall, you’ll want to make sure your landscaping includes some lighting options so that you can enjoy those crisp nights with company. Here are some of our favorite ideas for backyard lighting.

Fence Lighting

If you want to see your entire backyard in the evening, it can be helpful to add some lighting to your fences. That could be something simple like solar-powered string lights or installed lights that go with the aesthetic of your fencing.

When you add lighting to your fence, think about whether you want the whole area lit up or you just want certain parts to really shine. Lighting is all about highlighting the areas that you really want to see. However, it can also be nice to leave certain areas dark or allow for more darkness when you want to see the stars.

Path Lighting

For those who really want to ensure their yard during these darker months, it’s important to make sure that your pathways have adequate lighting. That can include the pathway up to your front door. Sometimes the porch light just isn’t enough.

Keep in mind that path lighting can be obstructed by snow or difficult weather conditions. Sometimes, that’s when you need light the most, though! Some taller lighting options, a variety of light sources, or regular snow maintenance can help with those issues.

Patio Lighting

Of course, you want some lights on your patio or front porch, but you have a variety of options when it comes to what kind of mood you want to set.

We love a good fire feature, and an outdoor fireplace really makes those chilly fall and winter evenings feel extra cozy.

If you’re more interested in feeling like the stars in the sky are closer than they are, you might opt for some twinkling lights.

One thing we really love is having patio lights on dimmers or having the option to turn certain lights on or off, depending on which parts of the patio you’re using. This makes sure you can enjoy your nighttime cup of tea or throw a big dinner party and still have the right kind of lighting available for your needs.

Special Feature Lighting

You love watching the movement of the water in your backyard pond and the beautiful line of trees behind your house. Why not see those beautiful special features all year long?

When you’re planning out your backyard lighting, think through what special features you really enjoy. Give them some extra lighting to create an enhanced look. That will ensure that even as it gets dark earlier and earlier, you’ll still have a chance to enjoy the beautiful features of your yard.

Need More Backyard Lighting Ideas?

If you want some help making your landscaping shine in the darker months, reach out to us today.