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Temperatures may be getting cooler, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to hunker down indoors. The great outdoors are great all year round—if you have the right environment to enjoy with family, friends or guests. You don’t have to go sledding or ice skating… with the right set-up, you can sit back and relax outside, just like you do inside.

Why upgrade your outdoor living space?

You’ve spent a lot of time indoors this year. In fact, you’ve probably spent more time at home than any year before… and that might have you itching to refresh your space.

Lucky for you, we create luxury outdoor living spaces that extend your home into the great outdoors… or at least into your backyard. We can create an extension of your kitchen or living room outside—complete with televisions, fireplaces, and built-in heaters—to keep spirits (and temperatures) high all year round.

Creating a comforting outdoor living space

Spending time outside in the winter usually means one thing: Getting cold. Even if you’re bundled up in your coziest sweater, thickest socks and heaviest down jacket, a few hours outdoors will likely leave you in a shiver… unless your outdoor space mimics your indoor space.

A covered patio or pergola not only shields against rain and snow, it also helps your outdoor room stand out, and separates it from therest of your landscaping. And that’s just step one. When you add a variety of seating options—from built-ins to standalone seating around the fire—everyone can join the party. With built-in heaters and fireplaces, your outdoor space will stay nice and toasty even as the sun goes down.

3 ways to spruce up your outdoor space

  1. Heat things up — In the dead of winter, a fire pit alone won’t cut it. Most of the time, fire pits only give off a small radius of heat, and if you’re not close, you’re probably cold! Instead, opt for a large-scale fire pit or fireplace in your outdoor living space. It will warm up the room and everyone in it, as well as act as a focal point for the space. Gather ’round and whip up some S’mores!
  2. Make meals to remember — Instead of squeezing too many cooks in your indoor kitchen, let everyone breathe easy outdoors. We’ll create space for cupboards, countertops… even your grill and fridge! While you cook, your guests can keep you company while watching the big game on TV. We’ll hook that up, too.
  3. Deck the halls & outdoor walls — It’s not just about the outdoor room, it’s about what surrounds it. Your outdoor space can be just as beautiful as inside your home. Let us know what you wish to see, and we’ll build your dream space using quality stone, wood and other landscaping materials. Surround your outdoor space in fir trees, or flowers that will bloom again in Spring. Whatever you like, now’s the time to take advantage of what outdoor living can look and feel like.

Host with the most

This winter is sure to be unlike any we’ve seen before, but don’t let the cooler temps get you down. Call on Malone’s to create a luxury outdoor living space for you and your loved ones, where you can celebrate the season around the fire or the dining table.

With an outdoor living space that wows, you’ll reclaim your title as Host with the Most this winter, while keeping everyone comfortable and warm.