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The saying goes, “New year, new me,” but how about, “New season, new yard”? Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate your landscape and plan a few new updates to enjoy throughout the warm-weather months—and our proven Design/Build process is the way to get it done. From lighting to water to features to decks or covered patios, our team can create anything you can dream up. Here’s how we can help bring your springtime landscaping goals to life (without breaking the bank.)

3 Ideas to Renovate Your Landscape This Spring

You might already have some great landscaping ideas buzzing around in your head. Maybe this is the year you finally break ground on a pool, or you add walls and a roof to your outdoor living space. Maybe you just need to refresh the flowers and plants surrounding your space. If you already have a vision, we want to hear it.

In fact, that’s one of the first steps in our Design/Build process. We’ll meet with you to learn what you want and map out a plan. But if you need some inspiration first, look no further than three of our favorite spring landscaping updates below:

1. Water Features

What’s your pick: Pool or natural waterfall? Why not both? We love water features because they bring the great outdoors to you. A natural waterfall, spa or pool will add depth to your outdoor escape and can be custom-designed to seamlessly fit with the rest of your landscaping. Water features are a great way to increase rest and relaxation in your day, bringing white noise and a rich atmosphere to your space.

2. Enhanced Lighting

A little light goes a long way. High-quality outdoor lighting can completely transform your space and make it accessible past regular daytime hours. Perfect for a cocktail party, late-night bonfire, or special celebration, lights can enhance any event and guide guests’ attention toward the most important features of your landscape.

3. Defined Outdoor Living Spaces

The best part of warm-weather landscaping is expanding the square footage of your home! Without actually adding an addition to your house, creating defined outdoor living spaces can help you feel like you just expanded. We can add cabinets, countertops and appliances to your outdoor kitchen; TVs and built-in shelving for your outdoor living rooms; plenty of storage and seating to your outdoor pool. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, our Design/Build process makes it happen.

Design/Build for Springtime Renovation

Design/Build is a proven process that guarantees your design is built according to your priorities, budget and timeframe. Design/Build consists of six, easy steps:

1. On-site Meeting

During this free meeting with one of our Landscape Architects or Designers, you’ll get a chance to share your project goals, likes, and dislikes.

2. Design Agreement

The design agreement includes the scope of work and fees associated with your landscape design. Once you’re ready to move forward, we’re ready for your deposit.

3. Site Measurement & Base Map

Our team will measure your site and create a base map that depicts existing grades, lot lines, and other elements per your initial meeting.

4. Conceptual Plan

At this stage, your designer will meet with you to discuss the high-level plan, going over materials, plant choices, design details, and more.

5. Final Plan & Construction Estimate

Signing the contract and providing your deposit is our green light to get started. In busy seasons like spring, this can take longer than expected—so get started early!

6. Project Construction & Completion

Last but not least, our skilled team will install your new landscaping just in time for those warm, summer days. We’ll work with you throughout the entire process to guarantee your satisfaction.

A New Season Means New Beginnings

With a new season and new weather comes time for new landscaping! Whenever you’re ready to break ground on your spring refresh, call on Malone’s Landscaping to get the job done on time, on budget, and above expectations. You deserve it!