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If you’ve always dreamed of being the brightest house on the block, or you just love the way twinkling lights make your business look, we’ve got some advice to help you incorporate Christmas cheer into your landscaping.

Consider Existing Landscape Elements

First, you want to take stock of some of the landscaping elements that currently exist in your yard. Do you have a tall tree out front or a line of bushes? You can even think about some unique aspects of your house or property that could be highlighted with lights.

Once you’ve identified these landscaping elements, consider how you might want to enhance them with your Christmas lights. That could mean wrapping a tree with lights or getting some extra decorations for the bushes.

If you’re struggling with how to best highlight the features of your, check out sites like Pinterest for inspiration or drive around your neighborhood to see how other homes with similar features decorate. You’ll start to get a good idea of what you like and what looks good from the street.

Layer Your Lighting

When thinking about what type of lighting you want to incorporate into your landscaping for the holidays, consider breaking things down into visual layers. If you decorate the roof of your home but have nothing in the yard, it will feel incomplete.

It’s helpful to think about things in threes. There’s the top, middle, and bottom. Visually, you want some decorations and lights in each section, so it feels balanced.

That could mean adding some pathway lighting (maybe some fun candy canes) or making sure that tall tree out front has some lights.

While there are a lot of Christmas lights that are solar-powered, that’s not always helpful here in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure you know where your outlets are before you get too far into the decorating process.

Consider Year-Round Lighting

While it’s a little passe to keep your Christmas lights up year-round, you can find ways to make the lights seem like a more natural fit in with your landscape. This helps save you time each year and can give some extra ambiance to your yard for other parties.

The key here is to incorporate lighting that doesn’t scream Christmas. The classic white lights will look good all year long. With the green light strings, they’ll usually blend into the greenery as well. Just keep in mind that your greenery should still be accessible for trimming and maintenance throughout the year.

You should also replace your lighting when there’s damage, or there’s a risk of malfunctioning.

Happy Holidays From Malone’s Landscaping

Regardless of how you decide to decorate for the holidays this year, we want to wish you a very happy holiday! We hope it is filled with plenty of time with friends and family as well as a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy even during these cold and icy months.

Stay safe, and we’ll see you in the New Year!