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Looking to add a water feature to your yard or commercial property? It can be so much fun to incorporate some water for a peaceful feel or to make your landscape feel more connected to the natural environment.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate a water feature into your property.


If the sound of running water is really what you’re looking for, adding a waterfall makes a huge impact. You’ll have the calming noise to help make your area feel like an oasis from the busy hustle and bustle of the rest of the world.

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate a waterfall into your landscaping. You’ll want to look at how much space is available and think through where you want the waterfall to be.

If there are some areas where people congregate for conversation, you might want the waterfall to be slightly further away so that everyone can be heard clearly.

We particularly love this double waterfall feature that we did for a property. It really feels like a part of the natural landscape that has just been elevated slightly in style.

Pond or Stream

If you want a water feature that doesn’t require extra elevation, you might want to consider adding in a pond or a stream.

You’ll still get to enjoy the stillness of the water and can even incorporate koi fish to really add a conversation piece to your backyard.

The nice thing about a pond is that it’s a bit quieter than a waterfall, so you can add it next to your patio or where people gather without worrying about too much noise.

We worked on this water feature that came right off the patio. You can see there’s a place for people to sit around a fire and really enjoy being next to the water.

It’s one easy way you can bring the serenity of nature closer to your own home.


If you don’t have tons of space or you want something that’s semi-permanent, a fountain is a great option. You might be thinking of the traditional fountain with a large basin and water shooting out the top, but that’s not necessarily what we mean.

You can incorporate fountains that serve as bird baths or that match a more modern aesthetic. Take, for instance, this ceramic vessel that we used as a water feature. It’s not as intrusive as other water features but still gives you that extra element in your yard.

With something like this, you’ll still be able to hear the water moving and perhaps give the birds a great place to perch, but it’s not overwhelming the landscape either.

Statement Pieces

You can also use a water feature as a statement piece on your property. That might mean having it centered or up toward the entrance so that everyone can see. It gives a more elevated aesthetic to your property and can even provide a place for people to sit and gather together.

Check out this double-sided fountain that we worked on for some inspiration.

Interested in your own water feature?

If you think a water feature might be just what your property needs, let's connect. We’d be happy to provide you with even more inspiration and chat through some options for your needs.