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Winter is coming… While there’s plenty to be excited about with the season change, for commercial properties, there’s a lot of prep work involved.

This year, make sure you start early so that you’re ready to go when the temperatures drop. Here are a few things that commercial properties need to do to prepare for winter.

Manage Snow and Ice Removal

The first thing you’ll likely think about when it comes to the winter months is the snow and ice. For commercial properties, it’s important that you’re able to provide a safe environment for your customers and employees. That means having options to take care of the snow and ice removal quickly.

Last year, we had a big snowstorm in the Western Washington area. Our team worked quickly to get the snow removed for all our customers. You never know when the next storm will strike, so make sure you have a plan ready now!

That includes clearing out ice on cold winter mornings and managing snowfall throughout the winter. You may also want to provide salt for certain areas where you know ice will build up.

Trim Your Trees

Speaking of snow, your roof can see a lot of damage in the winter months. Aside from the hail, snow, and ice damage, you’ll also want to think about the trees close to your roof. Winter weather can mean more dead branches hitting your roof. Before we get into the winter months, you’ll want to have your trees trimmed so that your roof doesn’t get more damaged.

Tree branches can also fall onto walkways or cause damage elsewhere to your commercial property. That includes potentially hitting power lines that help keep your business running. Make sure your trees and shrubs are all healthy and trimmed so that you eliminate those issues.

Aerate Your Lawn

Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn. If you’ve never done this before, it’s a process where small holes are added to the lawn so that air, water, and nutrient can penetrate to the grass roots. This helps roots grow deeply and reduces soil compaction.

In Washington State, this process is best done in the fall or early spring so that the lawn is somewhat moist.

Prepare For Leaves

We all love when the leaves start to change color and fall from the trees. It’s a beautiful part of the fall season. However, having leaves and debris built up on your lawn can be a hazard or can ruin your landscaping’s aesthetic appeal.

You’ll want to have these removed regularly so that your lawn can remain healthy and your property can look its best during the cold months.

Is Your Commercial Property Ready For Winter?

If you’re starting to realize that your property isn’t as prepared as you need to be for the winter months, reach out to us today. We’ll help you develop a plan to keep your property safe for customers and employees as well as beautiful all year long.