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As the days start to warm, we’re all wanting to spend a bit more time outside enjoying the sun. That might mean you’re trying to enjoy your backyard more or, if you’re a business, you’re trying to encourage guests to use your patio.

If it has been a while since your deck was last installed, or if you don’t have a deck at all, we want to give you some inspiration so you can have the best summer possible. Here’s our guide to some of our favorite outdoor deck and patio ideas.


Adding a pergola to your outdoor area provides a little bit of shade and can help segment areas in your yard.

There are even options for special accents that include bench seating. That’s perfect for those who want to spend some time enjoying their garden or entertaining with the family.

Pergolas come in a variety of styles that can correspond well with the exterior of your home. Whether you want the classic white look or some sturdy wood accents, a pergola adds an elevated style to your backyard.

Wrap Around Decks

If you’re someone who really wants to focus on entertaining, a wrap-around deck with plenty of space for your friends and family might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re planning to host the BBQ of the season or just know that all the kids want to come to your house, a long deck gives you room for seating, grilling, and outdoor activities.

We particularly like this deck we installed with stairs all around. That means that there’s never an uncomfortable traffic jam on the deck, but it also provides some extra seating for visitors without the need for more chairs.

Water or Fire Features

If you’re looking to take your existing deck to the next level, adding a special water or fire feature is a great way to do that!

A fire feature is excellent for those chilly summer nights and ensures that you can continue to enjoy your outdoor areas as the colder months come along. Plus, fire features come in a variety of styles that can work seamlessly with the rest of your landscaping design.

As for water features, you might be thinking of fountains or ponds. But don’t forget that you can also incorporate your hot tub or an outdoor shower with your deck. Check out the yard featured below that has both (and a fire feature too!)

Outdoor Kitchens

If everyone seems to gather in your kitchen, why not make your own outdoor kitchen? You can incorporate a grill, pizza oven, or even a bar into your deck.

After all, if you’re planning to dine outside, it only makes sense that you’re able to prepare and cook your food outside too. It ensures that the family cook isn’t excluded from all the outdoor activities.

Deck Railing

Updating your deck railing can create a safer and more aesthetically pleasing deck experience.

For instance, if you have a great view from your deck, you’ll want to have a railing that lets you enjoy everything beyond. Similarly, if you have young children or small pets in the family, you’ll want to update your railing to be safe for everyone to enjoy.

Time For A Deck Upgrade?

If you’re ready to make the most of your deck this summer, reach out to our team now. This is our busy season, so make sure you get on the calendar, so you have some time to enjoy this warm weather on your brand new deck.