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Irrigation systems are an integral part of landscaping and most of us rely heavily on our systems without really paying close attention to whether they are performing well or not. We set our clocks for early in the morning before we get up and we never actually see them run. It can take a few days in the summer before we notice that a section of our yard is looking dry or a few panting beds are looking thirsty or plants are even dead. By then the damage is done and we are scrambling to figure out what is going on. Hiring a professional to start up your system in the early spring can help eliminate this scenario and give you peace of mind that all is well with your system. Our technician will turn on your double check valve and run through all of your irrigation zones to make sure everything is running properly. Minor adjustments are made on the spot and if there are any breaks or repairs needed you will be given an estimate to get your system ready for the season. The earlier in spring the better as most companies get really busy and you won’t want to wait to long getting repairs scheduled. Irrigation problems that go undetected can be very costly and usually appear in very high water bills. Making sure that you check your system regularly, look for signs of trouble, and perform proper maintenance will keep your landscape in great shape and your pocket book happy.

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