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Deck the halls & trim the tree—it’s time for holiday landscaping! Whether you want to go all out or you’re looking for just a few festive, simple ways to refresh your landscaping for winter weather, we’ve got everything you need for the season right here.

On the 12th day of landscaping, my designers gave to me…

1. Elaborate Entrances

You know the houses. Rooftops strung with lights. Lawns decorated with ornaments. Entrances adorned with fresh greenery. Nothing says “Tis the season” quite like festive curb appeal, so whether it’s the front door or an archway in front of your garden, take advantage of the focal point and “holidize” it with all things holly and jolly, such as…

2. Wreaths

Wreaths are a holiday staple. They serve as a centerpiece for doors, outdoor shelters, and anywhere else that needs a little extra “oomph” for the season. Here at Malone’s, we love the possibilities that wreaths present. You can take your pick of pre-made wreaths or use a variety of fresh flora to create a design that complements your style. In addition to your go-to greens and holly, incorporate other plants from your yard to make holiday wreaths look like a natural element of your landscape design.

3. Garland

Garland is another Christmas-time classic, and it’s in no short supply! Adding a touch of these winter greens truly elevates any space. If you have an outdoor kitchen, consider hanging garland around the perimeter of the room, where the ceiling meets the wall. Or, add festive flair to outdoor fireplaces, pool houses or other gathering spaces.

4. Gathering Spaces

Speaking of gathering spaces… For many, the holidays mean time spent with loved ones. Whether you’re hosting or just looking to spend a little more of the season outside, an outdoor gathering space is ideal for all holiday happenings. Need ideas? Your gathering space could be an outdoor kitchen, living room or a warm, crackling fire.

5. Lights

It wouldn’t be a holiday landscaping list without a nod to lights. Around here, we’re big fans of lights all year, but the holidays are a welcome excuse to brighten up the backyard even more. If your annual routine involves digging out the ladder, wobbling across the roof and inevitably stapling a piece of your sleeve a la Christmas Vacation, lean on us to help you design an outdoor landscape fit for LED lights of epic proportions.

6. Fire Fixtures

Yet another tried-and-true way to introduce light to your landscaping is with fire. Maybe it’s a built-in fireplace in your outdoor gathering space, big enough for Santa and his elves to squeeze through and warm enough to keep family cozy all night. Or, maybe you want the rustic look and feel that fire pits offer. Whatever you want, we’ve got it.

7. Porch Pots

It’s no secret that winter isn’t the best time for digging and planting (that’s what spring is for) but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring new plants and landscaping ideas into your space this season. Just like wreaths, porch pots breathe new life into your landscaping with festive, winter-proof plants… without the need to overhaul your whole yard.

8. Tabletop Trees

Another option? Tabletop trees. Yep, we said it. Rethink the whole “decorating a tree” thing when it comes to outdoor living. An easy way to spruce up your space is by topping outdoor tables with tiny trees. These can take the place of warm-weather plants you potted, or simply serve as an extra-festive centerpiece for outdoor fare.

9. Lawn Ornaments

At Malone’s, we’re all about elevating your landscaping. From plants to pools to covered patios, our team is passionate about bringing your wildest design dreams to life. During the holidays, that just might mean… ornaments! We know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry. Lawn ornaments don’t have to be tacky. They can be as simple as a statue or gargoyle in the garden, or large ornamental light fixtures.

10. Heather

Heather is a winter-blooming, evergreen plant that comes in hues of pink, purple, red and white to add a little whimsy and color to your landscape. Heather is a great option for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, but what’s even better is that it’s bee-friendly, too! The pollinators in your neighborhood will thank you for planting a pollen-producing plant in winter, and you’ll be grateful for its low-maintenance needs. It’s a win-win.

11. Holly

Another holiday fave is holly, of course! You’ve seen this bright red berry used in holiday landscaping for years. Holly berries are shiny, small and can serve as a perfect add-in to wreaths and garland. Holly is a winter berry, which means you can leave it outside all season without worrying about it freezing or going bad. And speaking of winter berries…

12. Winterberry

You guessed it. Winterberry is another fave for holiday landscaping. When it comes to winter projects, choosing plants and materials that can withstand cooler temps is absolutely essential, which means the red-orange winterberry is your new best friend.

Happy Holidizing!

It’s never too early to start holidizing your landscaping. Whether you’re ready to overhaul your outdoor space or just add a touch or two of tinsel, Malone’s is ready to answer your questions and break ground on your next project. Give us a call today.