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Summer is here… and that means it’s time to entertain! As the weather warms up and your loved ones emerge from indoors, finding the perfect place to host an outdoor get-together can be challenging. That is, unless you have an outdoor living space.

Whether you want a spacious outdoor kitchen to serve and entertain in, or a cozy seating area complete with a campfire and color-changing lights, working with a Design/Build partner like Malone’s Landscape guarantees you’ll finish the season with an outdoor living space that fits everyone—and that everyone will talk about for ages!

3 Simple Ideas For Summer Entertaining

You know about the classic backyard barbecue. You’re familiar with the standard pool party, the patio happy hour, and the slip-n-slide. This summer, it’s time to take your go-to entertaining ideas up a notch—and we’re here to help. If you’re ready to create an outdoor living space dedicated to summer fun, these ideas are sure to bring the heat.

1. Outdoor Kitchen Cook-off

How to play: Summer is the best time to entertain, and entertaining outdoors means endless space for your loved ones to spread out and have fun. But the more people you invite, the more prep you’re required to do! By hosting an outdoor kitchen cook-off, you cut down on prep time by distributing the task of cooking to everyone who wants to try their hand at the grill. Challenge contenders to a Best Burger or Sweetest Sundae contest, so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy your custom outdoor cooking space.

What you need: A spacious outdoor kitchen space with a grill and mini fridge. At Malone’s, we’re experts in setting this up for you. Our designers will work with you to plan out your ideal outdoor kitchen, and our construction crews will bring it to life. You and your family members will be competing in a heated cook-off before you know it!

2. Biggest Splash Contest

How to play: Dive into summer head first with a game that keeps everyone cool. Host a Biggest Splash Contest in your in-ground pool! Depending on the size, depth, and shape of your pool, you may choose to break the contest into age groups. Or, maybe you challenge guests to get creative by striking a pose or trying a fancy flip as they head into the water. Those who don’t want to play can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show from the comfort of a hot tub or spa feature. There’s something for everyone!

What you need: First things first, you need a pool. It’s hard to make a splash anywhere else. Water features like pools, spas, and even outdoor water fountains are our specialty. We’ll work with you to determine the size, shape, and material you want to see in your space, and then we’ll build it out so that you can splash around all summer.

3. Fireside Story Exchange

How to play: This isn’t so much a game as it is an opportunity to catch up, tell stories, and make memories. Time spent around the fire is a favorite summer activity, and with a large fireplace, comfortable seating, and beautiful landscaping, your guests will feel comfortable staying around into the darkest hours of the night. Tell ghost stories, roast marshmallows, and breathe in that sweet smoky smell that only bonfires can create.

What you need: An outdoor fireplace or fire pit. And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill fire pit. We’re talking about one that is custom to your space and your needs. Choose the size, shape, and stone you’d like to see and we’ll create a warm and inviting space that keeps you toasty throughout the summer months and beyond.

Ready to Entertain?

There’s no shortage of fun to be had throughout the summer, and it’s only just beginning! If you’re ready to take your summer entertaining to new heights, an outdoor pool, kitchen, or fireplace is a great place to start. Better yet, try all three! Our trusted designers and construction crews will bring your outdoor landscaping ideas to life on time and on budget, so you can light up the grill and start entertaining right away.